Guidance through
the complexities.

Benefit plan audits and compliance audits are seriously cumbersome. The federal laws and requirements are highly complex, and create tremendous challenges for businesses. We are ready to help steer your whole team around bureaucratic landmines, while maximizing opportunities with small tweaks or big adjustments as needed.

We can share our decades of experience to help you better understand obligations and alternatives through:

  • Audits (full scope and limited scope) of qualified defined contribution and defined employee benefit plans as required by ERISA
  • Audits of welfare benefit plans with a 501(c)(9) or other trust arrangement
  • Audits of 403(b) plans
  • Review of Form 5500
  • Multiyear audits of plans not compliant with annual reporting obligations
  • Consultation regarding operational defects
  • Special projects for plan sponsors in need of specific plan assistance regarding numerous issues that include eligibility, vesting, deferral calculations, and remittance and employer contribution calculations