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Crypto: What Taxpayers Need to Know

Cryptocurrencies haveĀ gone mainstream. You can now invest in them and use them to buy and sell many products and services. However, crypto transactions have important federal tax implications that may not be well understood by everyone. Here’s an update on… Read more »

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Federal Tax News for Individuals

Tax Scams are Year-Round Tax season is long over, but tax scams are thriving. The IRS is warning taxpayers about emails and text messages that promise refunds and credits, but that actually result in identity theft. Many current schemes involve… Read more »

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Mind the Wash Sale Rule When Harvesting Tax Losses

While stock values have mostly gone up so far this year, bull markets don’t last forever. And the price of a particular stock can fluctuate up or down, independent from the market’s overall trend line. When you make what turns out… Read more »

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